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The Daily Gazette

News · Since 1894, The Daily Gazette has been a reliable source of news and media coverage for the Capital Region. Our broad range of topics afford...
Active in United States
Offers Programmatic
Reaches 53% men, 47% women, 18-65 years


Active in United States
Offers Programmatic
Reaches 50% women, 50% men, 35-44 years

New York Daily News

Local News · New York Daily News is one of New Yorks most iconic media brands that creates and executes integrated marketing programs that drive conversi...
Active in United States
Offers Programmatic

Family Handyman

Home & Garden · Family Handyman's position as the No. 1 resource for existing and aspiring DIYers and homeowners is undisputed. With videos, articles, how-t...
Active in United States
Offers Programmatic
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News · TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a news website dedicated to the tech scene. We provide breaking technology news, opinions, and anal...
Active in United States
Offers Programmatic

Star Tribune

News · The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in Minnesota. It originated as the Minneapolis Tribune in 1867 and the competing Minneapolis Daily...
Active in Minneapolis, MN
Offers Programmatic

Lexington Herald-Leader

News · The Lexington Herald traces its roots to 1870 and the Lexington Leader to 1888. Leader owner John G. Stoll bought the Herald in 1937; Knight...
Active in Kentucky
Offers Programmatic

Verywell Health

Health ·  Verywell is a health and wellness website that provides information and advice on various health topics. The website covers a wide range of...
Active in New York City, NY
Offers Programmatic

The Spruce Eats

Advertising · The Spruce Eats evolved from a 25-year archive of recipes generated by chefs, teachers, cookbook writers, home cooks, food makers, and more....
Active in New York City, NY
Offers Programmatic

The Spruce

Home & Garden · The Spruce is a website that provides information, advice, and inspiration on home improvement, decorating, and lifestyle topics. It covers ...
Active in New York City, NY
Offers Programmatic


Style & Fashion · InStyle was an American monthly women's fashion magazine founded in 1994. It was published in the United States by Dotdash Meredith.  In Feb...
Active in New York City, NY
Offers Programmatic


Advertising · Cubby is the ultimate resource for families at home. Every day we bring you real homes from real families, designed for living together. We ...
Active in New York City, NY
Offers Programmatic

Sun Herald

News · Launched as a weekly newspaper in Biloxi in 1884, the Herald expanded to the new city of Gulfport in 1905 and, in 1934, became the afternoon...
Active in Mississippi
Offers Programmatic

Riverfront Times

News · The Riverfront Times was founded in 1977 as St. Louis's alternative newsweekly. Since then, we've cultivated an audited weekly circulation o...
Active in Missouri
Offers Programmatic

The Kansas City Star

News · The Kansas City Star and are among the most dominant news sources in the middle of the country. Known for journalism that res...
Active in Kansas City, MO
Offers Programmatic

Rio Rancho Observer

News · The Rio Rancho Observer is a locally owned and operated community newspaper, dedicated to serving the city of Rio Rancho and Southern Sandov...
Active in New Mexico
Offers Programmatic

Charlotte Observer

News · The Charlotte Observer has continued throughout its years of service to Charlotte and the surrounding communities, to accurately reflect the...
Active in Charlotte, NC
Offers Programmatic

The Herald-Sun

News · The Herald-Sun is an American, English language daily newspaper in Durham, North Carolina, published by the McClatchy Company.The Herald-Sun...
Active in North Carolina
Offers Programmatic

The News & Observer

News · The News & Observer is widely regarded as one of the nation's best regional newspapers and places a strong emphasis on investigative reporti...
Active in Raleigh, NC
Offers Programmatic

The Blade

News · The present owners of The Blade, the Block family, bought the newspaper from the Locke family in 1926. In the same year, the present Blade b...
Active in Ohio
Offers Programmatic
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What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is automated technology used to buy and sell advertising space online. The technology is used to target ads to specific audiences, enabling advertisers to deliver the right message at the right time.

What is the difference between programmatic advertising and traditional digital advertising?

Traditional digital advertising often consists of a manual process, purchasing advertising space, which could be time-consuming. Programmatic advertising automates the buying process by using data and machine learning to buy advertising space in real time, optimizing advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising offers several benefits, such as improved targeting and personalization, increased efficiency through automation, better use of data to reach the right audience and real-time analytics to quickly adjust campaigns. This leads to more relevant ads for the recipients.

What are the most common types of ad formats used in programmatic advertising?

A variety of ad formats are used in programmatic advertising, including display ads (banners), video ads, native ads, and mobile ads. Ads can also be interactive or with more advanced graphics, animation or video elements. The choice of format depends on the campaign's target group, design and purpose.

How do you measure the success of a programmatic advertising campaign?

The success of a programmatic ad campaign is measured by various key performance indicators (KPIs), such as conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), impressions, cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Advanced metrics can also include engagement rate, quality of traffic generated, and ROI (Return on Investment). Analysis of this data helps to understand how effectively the campaign reaches and engages the desired target group and how well it meets the set business goals.

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