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Ocast: Your Central Hub in the Marketing Industry

Ocast is the central hub for the entire marketing industry. No matter which company you represent, we offer a unique platform for creating and strengthening business relationships within marketing and advertising.

How Ocast Works

Ocast acts as an efficient matchmaker between companies seeking collaborations in marketing and advertising. Companies can submit inquiries that are automatically matched with our connected media companies, agencies, and influencers. Ocast also works as an advanced search service where advertisers and companies can explore and find valuable information about services, advertising products, agencies, target audiences, critical statistics, and delivery information.

Maximize Your Company's Marketing with Ocast

Are you looking for smart solutions in marketing or advertising? Then Ocast is the right place to turn. We have gathered thousands of companies specialized in media, and marketing offering a wide range of different products and services. This allows us to offer you a variety of options and help you find the solution for your company.

For Media, Agencies and Influencers

Ocast offers tailor-made solutions for companies looking to increase their visibility and sales. By creating a sales profile on Ocast, you can reach tens of thousands of visitors a month. Your profile is visible to both potential customers and other companies interested in finding collaborations.

Our History and Vision

Ocast, founded in 2014 by Eric Gisaeus, broke new ground as Sweden's first platform of its kind, focusing on the media industry. Since then, we have grown and developed to become the leading marketplace in the Nordics, where we unite a wide selection of media companies, agencies, and influencers, all active in different types of marketing and development.

Welcome to Ocast – your premier hub in the world of marketing.

What makes Ocast special?

  1. Everything in the same place

    We have gathered buyers, advertisers and all the information necessary to make better deals.

  2. Modernizing the industry

    Our mission is to make sure advertisers have the best tools to make faster and easier decisions when are advertising

  3. A platform for everyone

    We connect the entire media industry and make it easier to consume media and advertising solutions.

  4. Market leading

    Ocast Marketplace is the biggest of its kind and includes advertisers, media companies and influencers from around the world.