The marketplace for the media industry

On the Ocast marketplace you can publish your offer for thousands of media buyers. We are the platform where sellers meet buyers. You also get a dynamic media kit and a solution you can use in your daily sales.


What is Ocast?

Ocast was started in 2014 by Eric Gisaeus and became the first marketplace for the Swedish media industry. Today, our platform offers a wide range of publishers, brands and agencies with high-qualitative advertising products. Our goal is to make the advertising industry more simple and transparent - whether you're an ad buyer or an ad seller.

Ocast has been used by thousands of advertisers and we keep growing, both in Swedish and international markets.

How does Ocast work?

Ocast works partly as a match-maker. Advertisers can describe what they need help with and create a request that matches our affiliated media companies, agencies and influencers. The advertiser's contact information is anonymous until a media company chooses to answer the request.

Ocast matches advertisers with media companies, but we also act as a search service. Advertisers can navigate through Ocast and have access to media companies' ad products, audiences, statistics and other valuable information. Thanks to this, advertisers can search, filter and find interesting partners.

Why should I use Ocast?

If you're an ad buyer, we offer 900+ media companies and 1000+ advertising products. We have more than twenty product categories with everything from newspaper to display. Our wide range of options allows you to find advertising products that suit your needs, no matter how small or large your budget is.

If you're an ad seller, Ocast helps you in different ways depending on your needs. You can create a sales profile that is exposed to all visitors at Here you may publish and edit simple information about your business.

If you want to increase the chance further of more business, new customers, and increased profitability, you can become a Premium customer on Ocast. Premium means, among other things, the opportunity to create a media kit that presents your products and services efficiently and professionally. In addition, you can design your advertising page that you may design to match your brand and target audience.