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60 Years
65% Female
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Hus & Hem

Interior Decorating

407 105 Reach/Month

30-64 Years
74% Female
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Sköna hem

Home & Garden

1.35M Reach/Month

20-44 Years
86% Female's logotype

Home & Garden

566 644 Reach/Month

36-55 Years
81% Female
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WM Media

Local News

46 309 Reach/Month

35 Years
54% Male's cover image's logotype


6.55M Reach/Month

16-63 Years
51% Female
Mediehuset Dagsavisen's cover image
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Mediehuset Dagsavisen


2.30M Reach/Month

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Bonnier Business Media


2.27M Reach/Month

34-50 Years
57% Male
United Influencers Norge's cover image
18-34 Years
94% Female
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Social Media

3.61M Reach/Month

25-44 Years
81% Female
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Social Media

1.36M Reach/Month