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World-class journalism and world-class artistic direction – combined, they are the beating heart of Go Wild magazine’s print media. We believe in storytelling, we believe in art. We believe reading a magazine is an experience and we dedicate time and skill to curating it.

The opportunities for brands to join the story-telling process are growing. Print media has reach, longevity (it hangs around people’s homes) and it is artistic. Print tells a story in a different way – it’s immersive and tactile.

Today, branded content, advertorial and sponsored content are more common than ever in print media. Everyone has a message, but not everyone has an environment or tone in which to effectively deliver that message. That’s where our world-class print products come in. Your message, our tone, delivered in the right environment.

Display advertising in print will remain an important part of most marketing campaigns, even today print magazines remain the only media experience where consumers consider the advertising as an integral and desired part of the content experience. 

We do not treat print in isolation, but it is an important brand anchor. It remains an integral part of any marketing mix. And when print combines with video, digital, social and event media, the execution is compelling, multi-sensory and wide-reaching.