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News · Pirmediat tarjoaa ammattimaista mainontaa, niin digitaalista kuin perinteistäkin....
Active in Pirkanmaa
Offers Radio

Radio City

Advertising · Radio City on yksi Suomen vanhimmista radiokanavista.Osa Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio

Bauer Media Oy

Advertising · Bauer-media on äänimedian asiantuntijoita. Lähetä sisältösi podcasteihin ja radiokanaviin....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio

Radio Nova

Advertising · Radio Nova on yksi Suomen suosituimmista kaupallisista radiokanavista.Osa Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio
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Radio Iskelmä

Advertising · Radio Iskelmässä kuulet kaikkea viihteestä uusimpiin kotimaisiin hitteihin.Osa Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio

Radio Nostalgia

Advertising · Radio Nostalgia on osa Radio NRJ Finlandia ja Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio


Advertising · SuomiRock soittaa kaikkien aikojen rockmusiikkia. Kaikkea vanhoista klassikoista nykypäivän parhaisiin hitteihin.Osa Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio


Advertising · Basso on valtakunnallinen radiokanava, joka soittaa rap-, hip hop- ja rnb-genre parhaita hittejä. Osa Bauer Media....
Active in Finland
Offers Radio

Radio Pooki

Advertising · Radio Pooki on suosittu radiokanava Pohjois-Pohjanmaalaisten keskuudessa.Osa Bauer Media. ...
Active in Northern Ostrobothnia
Offers Radio

Concept Nordic

Advertising · Concept kopplar samman annonsörer och utgivare i digitala medier över hela Norden. Som en pålitlig och strategisk reklampartner för både ann...
Active in Sweden
Offers Radio
Reaches 57% men, 43% women, 24-65 years

What does radio advertising cost?

Excluding production cost, the cost for radio advertising can range around USD 500 - 2500 for a standard campaign. The price varies based on different factors such as broadcast time, the popularity of the radio station, geographical region, the length of the advertisement, and the frequency and duration of the campaign.

Additionally, there's also a production cost that can often be chosen as an add-on. This entails the cost of creating the advertisement, including recording, editing, and possibly hiring voice actors or musicians. The production cost for radio advertising can often be purchased as an add-on for around USD 500 - 2000 depending on the type of production.

To get an accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to contact local or national radio stations directly or through a media agency that can assist with planning and purchasing radio advertising. You can also use platforms like to get quotes, get a sense of prices, and compare different options.

What are the advantages of radio advertising compared to other marketing channels?

Radio advertising allows advertisers to reach a broad audience in a cost-effective manner. It is often a good choice for brands wishing to reach a local audience in small to medium-sized cities. The reach is usually quite large with radio, which is a major advantage. However, it's important to have the right product that can be consumed by a broad audience. Niche products or brands may struggle to reach their audience via radio advertising.

One of the significant advantages of radio advertising is that the production of advertising is very quick and simple. Unlike TV advertising or printed advertising, radio advertising can be created and broadcast very quickly, making it a flexible choice for companies and brands who want to react to market changes in real time.

Another significant advantage is the cost. Radio advertising does not cost as much compared to other types of marketing channels. The radio channel also allows a repetition of messages throughout the day, which helps to reinforce your message.

What time of day is best to broadcast radio advertising?

The best times and days to broadcast radio advertising can vary depending on the target audience and the radio station's listeners. Typically, weekdays during morning and evening rush hours (6-10 in the morning and 3-7 in the evening) are considered prime time for radio advertising since many listen to the radio during their commute to and from work.

How do I find the best radio station to advertise in for my brand?

To find the best radio station for your brand, start by defining your target audience. Then explore various radio stations on, where you can access information like reach and demographics that help you compare and evaluate different radio stations. also offers price information, enabling an assessment of the overall cost. You can also use the platform to get quotes from several radio stations at once, thus planning your campaign in the best way possible.

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