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Avisa Hordaland

Local News · Avisa vart grunnlagt i 1883, og har vore ein viktig del av lokalsamfunnet sidan. 
Hordaland har eit opplag på omlag 8500, og lesarar fordelt...
Active in Vossevangen
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Local News · VP dekkjer Vaksdal og Modalen kommunar, og framstår som viktig for innbyggjarane i dekningsområdet.
VP sitt opplag er på om lag 2.200, er i ...
Active in Dale
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News · Om Bygdanytt...
Active in 2 locations
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Ytre Sogn

Local News · Annonser med Ytre Sogn via nett eller print....
Active in Hoyanger
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Sogn Avis

Local News · Vi hjelper bedrifter med annonsering og markedsføring i hele Norge. Amedia er den største utgiveren av lokale medier i Norge, med aviser som...
Active in 2 locations
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Local News · Vi hjelper bedrifter med annonsering og markedsføring i hele Norge. Amedia er den største utgiveren av lokale medier i Norge, med aviser som...
Active in Isdalstø
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Local News · Porten er ei heildigital nettavis med lokale nyheiter frå heile Indre Sogn. Me har som mål å dere leiande digitalt, både redaksjonelt og kom...
Active in 6 locations
Offers 4 advertising channels


Local News · TA Media hjelper deg med annonsering og markedsføring. Vi kjenner Trøndelag og vi vet hva som skal til for å lykkes i regionen.
Vårt samar...
Active in Midtbygda
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News · Strilen er i dag den leiande nyhetsformidlaren i Nordhordland og Gulen. Vi leverer grundig og samfunnsbelysande journalistikk, og nettsida v...
Active in Gulen
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Local News · Vi hjelper bedrifter med annonsering og markedsføring i hele Norge. Amedia er den største utgiveren av lokale medier i Norge, med aviser som...
Active in Bergen
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Stoff magasin

Advertising · Stoff ble startet i 2015 av en gjeng studenter som ønsket å lage en unik, uavhengig og uredd studentavis. Første utgave ble lansert 20.03.15...
Active in Bergen
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Reaches 50% women, 50% men, 18-24 years

Bergens Tidende

Advertising · Bergens Tidende er Vestlandets største mediehus med lange tradisjoner. Ved å annonsere i BT kan du treffe 7 av 10 bergensere - daglig. I BT ...
Active in Bergen
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News · Om Askøyværingen...
Active in Askøy
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Local News · Vi hjelper bedrifter med annonsering og markedsføring i hele Norge. Amedia er den største utgiveren av lokale medier i Norge, med aviser som...
Active in Førde
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News · Om Vestnytt...
Active in 3 locations
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Hardanger Folkeblad

Local News · Amedia Salg og Marked hjelper bedrifter med annonsering og markedsføring. Amedia er den største utgiveren av lokale medier i Norge, med avis...
Active in Odda
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Local News · Tysnes er en lokalavis for alle som bor på Tysnes. Annonsere i ei avis som er stadig oppdatert om nyheter, arrangementer og underholdning på...
Active in Tysnes
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Local News · Mediehuset Sunnhordland er den største mediekanalen mellom Bergen og Haugesund. Avisa Sunnhordland dekkjer heile regionen, som inkluderer ko...
Active in 5 locations
Offers 4 advertising channels


Local News · Annonsere med Grenda, som er lokalavis for Kvinnherad, enten via nett eller i avisa....
Active in Kvinnherad Municipality
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Firda Tidend

Local News · Annonser til en målgruppe som leter etter nyheter i Gloppen og Jølster....
Active in Gloppen Municipality
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What are the different types of print advertising?

Below we list some types of print advertising that are popular today:

Newspaper Ads: These can vary in size, from small quarter-page ads to full pages or even two-page spreads. They can be placed locally in daily or weekly newspapers and even nationally in major publications.

Magazine Ads: Like newspaper ads, these can vary in size and design. Magazines often target audiences with specific interests, providing advertisers a chance to target their marketing towards a niche group.

Flyers and Brochures: Typically single or double-sided, these promote a specific product, service, or event. They can be handed out in person, mailed, or placed in strategic locations.

Posters: Larger in size, they're designed to catch the eye in public spaces like bus stops, train stations, or inside stores.

Direct Mail: Personal and direct, this can be letters, postcards, or brochures mailed directly to potential customers' homes.

Inserts: These are special features often accompanying newspapers or magazines. Inserts might be whole mini-magazines, product catalogs, or special promotions targeting the marketing of a specific brand, event, or offer. As they are physically separate from the main publication, inserts often feel more exclusive or valuable to the reader.

Is print advertising cheaper than digital marketing?

Looking at the costs of print advertising against digital marketing, it's evident that print often has a higher upfront cost. This accounts for design, printing, and distribution fees. But that's not the whole story. Despite the initial costs, a strategically placed print ad, be it in a newspaper or a brochure, can have lasting effects, gaining attention over a longer span compared to digital ads which might have limited longevity.

Digital marketing stands for easy audience targeting with unparalleled real-time analysis and campaign measurement. However, print advertising offers greater credibility for your brand, and consumers generally trust print media more, translating to greater brand loyalty.

In summary, the actual cost varies based on a company's needs. While digital marketing might deliver faster and more measurable outcomes, print advertising can foster deeper connections with the end consumer. The best strategy? Perhaps a blend of both.

How can print advertising complement my digital marketing strategies?

In an era where digital marketing garners all the spotlight, there are grand opportunities to differentiate yourself by blending your digital marketing with traditional print advertising. By melding the two mediums, you can amplify your reach and campaign impact. Here are some smart ways print advertising can complement your digital approach:

Enhanced Credibility: Many consumers still view print media as more trustworthy than online sources. By being present in both mediums, your brand may appear more genuine and reliable.

Target Audience Focus: While digital ads often target broadly, print advertising can help you hone in on a more specific audience. Through local newspapers, you can target residents of a certain city or town, and magazine advertising allows you to target specific groups interested in various niches.

Lasting Exposure: Digital ads are time limited, but a printed ad in a newspaper or magazine can remain visible for days, weeks, or even months, providing multiple exposure opportunities.

Synergy: Use QR codes in your print ads to direct traffic to your website, social media, or digital offers, seamlessly bridging the gap between physical and digital marketing.

Differentiation: While competitors might be focusing solely on digital marketing, a well-placed print ad can help your brand stand out and reach those less digitally engaged.

In the end, it's about creating a diversified marketing strategy. By combining the strengths of both print and digital marketing, you can uphold a more resilient, adaptable, and successful campaign.

What are the advantages of print advertising in a digital age?

Even though print advertising might seem outdated, there's still power in the physical presence of a printed ad. Print advertising can offer more precision in your marketing campaign than some other mediums. Different newspapers and magazines often cater to specific demographics and target audiences. By placing your ad in the right print medium, you connect directly with your target group.

Additionally, print provides lasting exposure. A digital ad can be swiped away with a click, but a print ad stays in the home, on the coffee table, where it can be viewed over and over for weeks on end.

Research shows that printed media often convey a sense of authority. When your brand is featured in print, it might elevate its perceived credibility in the reader's eyes. Thus, even in a digital age, print advertising remains a strong, credible, and effective marketing channel.

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