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Best Newspaper Advertising Providers in Merikarvia


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Local News · Merikarvia-lehti on Sanoma Median omistama paikallislehti....
Active in Merikarvia
Offers Newspapers


Advertising · Through IndustryRadar the advertisers will reach a very strong target group within your desired industry. Our readers are developers, CEO’s,...
Active in 2 locations
Offers Newspapers


News · is a major Finnish news media and a diverse lifestyle media. In addition to the large mass, also reaches out to a ...
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Local News · Ilta-Sanomat on suomalainen valtakunnallinen sanomalehti, joka ilmestyy kuusi kertaa viikossa....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers
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Local News · Rakennuslehti on rakentamisen ja rakentamisen aikakauslehti, joka ilmestyy kerran viikossa....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers

Tekniikan Maailma

Automotive · Teknikko Maailma kirjoittaa Suomen suosituimpia teknologia- ja tiederaportteja. Lue, milloin asiantuntijat testaavat suosittuja tuotteita mo...
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers

Toimitilat Kauppalehti

Real Estate Platforms · Kauppalehti Toimitilat is a marketplace for the demand and supply of premises. It has developed into Finlands leading online marketplace for...
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Local News · Suomenmaa on suomalainen päivälehti ja sen pääosa Suomen Keskusta....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Local News · Demokraatti on suomalainen sanomalehti ja SDP:n pääelin....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


News · Kärkimedia luotiin helpottamaan mainontaa suomalaisessa uutismediassa. Kärkimedia koordinoi ja ratkaisee mediakampanjan 32 suurimmalle media...
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers

SLP Kustannus

Advertising · SLP Kustannus on osa Hilla Group ja keskittyy sanomalehtien kustantamiseen ja voi auttaa myös painatuksessa ja jakelussa....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Women's Health · ET-lehti on yli 50-vuotiaille naisille suunnattu lehti. Julkaistu fyysisenä lehtinä kahdesti kuukaudessa. Saatavilla verkossa....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers

Hyvä Terveys

Health · Lue lehdessä ja inspiroidu pitkälle ja terveelle elämälle Hyvä Terveys....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Veterinary Medicine · Eläinlääkäri Lehti on suomalainen eläinlääkärimedia ja jakaa alan kannalta olennaista tietoa....
Active in Finland
Offers Newspapers


Marketplaces · Annonsera med Däckavisen – Effektiv marknadsföring för däck- och fälgbranschenAnnonsera i en däcktidning som alltid levererar de senaste och...
Active in Sweden
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 100% men, 0% women, 45-54 years

What are the advantages of newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the more affordable advertising options out there while offering the potential to reach a broad audience with high coverage. With a newspaper ad, you can effortlessly target local demographics and reinforce your brand in a specific city or region.

Newspapers are known for their authenticity and are often considered more credible sources than other media channels, boosting trust for the advertiser.

Given that newspapers have a high publication frequency with many release dates, your advertising can be incredibly flexible. With ready material, your ad can be out in a newspaper as soon as next week.

How much does it cost to advertise in a newspaper?

The cost of advertising in a newspaper starts from around 300 USD and can go up to 20 000 USD, depending on several factors like the newspaper's reach, the size of the ad, and the paper's geographical area.

A small local newspaper might have significantly lower prices than what a larger national publication offers. We've analyzed rate cards from hundreds of newspapers to understand how they differ and what influences the pricing. When considering newspaper advertising, it's essential to account for the ad size, the newspaper's circulation and distribution, its popularity, the chosen ad placement within the paper, and its geographical location.

Furthermore, costs can be influenced by choosing color or black and white, opting for special offers or bundled prices, and seasonal variations.

To get an accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact the newspaper's advertising department directly, many of which also provide digital media kits with pricing. Ensure you negotiate to get the best price possible. On Ocast, you can browse through hundreds of newspapers and compare prices directly on their profiles.

What are the different formats in newspaper advertising?

When looking to advertise in a newspaper, there are various formats and sizes to choose from, and these can differ between newspapers and publications. Here are some examples of common ad formats:

Full Page: Occupies an entire page in the newspaper, offering ample space for your message.

Half Page: Takes up half of the page, either horizontally or vertically.

Quarter Page: Takes up a quarter of the page.

Smaller Ad Modules: Might be an eighth of a page or less, typically being the most cost-effective solution.

Spread: A double full page that stretches across two pages, giving extra space for your message.

Special Placement Ads: These ads are positioned in strategic places in the newspaper, like the front page, back page, or near popular content.

Inserts: A separate supplement or brochure that comes with the newspaper.

The format most suitable for you depends on your budget, target audience, and message. Each format has its unique advantages and can reach readers in different ways.

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