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Best Newspaper Advertising Providers in Holbæk Municipality


45 brands found

Nordvestnyt Holbæk Odsherred

Local News · Læs seneste nyt fra de to store nordvestsjællandske kommuner Holbæk og Odsherred i Nordvestnyt Holbæk Odsherred....
Active in Holbæk Municipality
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Ugeavisen By & Land

News · Ugeavisen By & Land er en dansk lokalavis....
Active in Holbæk
Offers Newspapers

News · – Sjællands Nyheder er Sjællands førende nyhedssite med nyheder fra hele Sjælland udenfor København. er en del af Sjællandske Me...
Active in Region Zealand
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OPLEV Sjælland

Local News · OPLEV Sjælland er et magasin, der skriver begivenheder, aktiviteter og kulturliv på Sjælland. Magasinet udkommer i Nordsjælland og Sjælland....
Active in Region Zealand
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Sorø Avis

News · Læs seneste nyt fra Sorø i Lokalavisen Sorø Avis....
Active in Sorø
Offers Newspapers

Lokalbladet Ringsted

News · Lokalbladet Ringsted er en dansk lokalavis, hvor du kan læse de seneste relevante nyheder....
Active in Ringsted
Offers Newspapers

Dagbladet Ringsted

News · I 1871 blev det, der i dag er Dagbladet Ringsted, grundlagt....
Active in Ringsted
Offers Newspapers

Ugebladet Vestsjælland

Local News · Læs seneste nyt fra Vestsjælland i Ugebladet Vestsjælland, de beretter om aktuelle lokale nyheder og begivenheder....
Active in Høng
Offers Newspapers


National News · Jyllands-Posten er Danmarks førende leverandør af kvalitetsjournalistik; både digitalt og på print. I avisen finder du hver dag vores stærke...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 55% men, 45% women, 45-65 years


International News · Politiken is about what matters - both in the world and for the individual. We are the newspaper with the most important news, the sharpest ...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 55% women, 45% men, 40-59 years

Ekstra Bladet Annoncesalg

News · På Ekstra Bladet ønsker vi at levere kvalitet i hver eneste annoncevisning!
Derfor udsteder vi et løfte om kvalitet til alle, der køber anno...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 58% men, 42% women, 44-45 years

Kristeligt Dagblad

National News · 

På Kristeligt Dagblad vil vi gerne lave en avis, der på en indsigtsfuld måde forsøger at gøre avisens læsere klogere på livet og samtidig ...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 59% women, 41% men, 61-62 years


National News · Information skriver engageret, med dyb indsigt og med det frie ord i højsædet om politik, grøn omstilling og kultur. 10 gange om året har In...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 65% men, 35% women, 24-57 years

Hus og Have Avisen

Home & Garden · Medieinformation 2024
Hus og Have Avisen udkommer i tabloid format til mere end 700.000 villa og rækkehuse 7 - 8 gange om året. På www.husog...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers


News · Altinget er et nyhedssite, der rapporterer om politiske nyheder....
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers


Advertising · L-Mediehus er landbrugets forenede medie og har en bred medieportefølje....
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers

Mandag Morgen

Local News · Mandag Morgen er en unik kombination af mediehus og tænketank som hjælper beslutningstagere med at forstå de udfordringer, vores samfund stå...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers

Lokalebasen DK

Real Estate Platforms · Der er mange fordele ved at leje kontorplads frem for at arbejde hjemme eller leje et helt kontor. Derfor er kontorfællesskaber en mere og m...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 50% women, 50% men, 18-60 years


News · Berlingske er Danmarks førende frie, borgerlige medie, som udfordrer vedtagne sandheder og samler læserne om en større forståelse af tiden d...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 55% men, 45% women, 35-64 years


News · Weekendavisen er velskrevet viden til selvstændige, nysgerrige borgere, der gerne vil udfordres, overraskes og blive klogere. Weekendavisen ...
Active in Denmark
Offers Newspapers
Reaches 52% men, 48% women, 30-60 years
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What are the advantages of newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the more affordable advertising options out there while offering the potential to reach a broad audience with high coverage. With a newspaper ad, you can effortlessly target local demographics and reinforce your brand in a specific city or region.

Newspapers are known for their authenticity and are often considered more credible sources than other media channels, boosting trust for the advertiser.

Given that newspapers have a high publication frequency with many release dates, your advertising can be incredibly flexible. With ready material, your ad can be out in a newspaper as soon as next week.

How much does it cost to advertise in a newspaper?

The cost of advertising in a newspaper starts from around 300 USD and can go up to 20 000 USD, depending on several factors like the newspaper's reach, the size of the ad, and the paper's geographical area.

A small local newspaper might have significantly lower prices than what a larger national publication offers. We've analyzed rate cards from hundreds of newspapers to understand how they differ and what influences the pricing. When considering newspaper advertising, it's essential to account for the ad size, the newspaper's circulation and distribution, its popularity, the chosen ad placement within the paper, and its geographical location.

Furthermore, costs can be influenced by choosing color or black and white, opting for special offers or bundled prices, and seasonal variations.

To get an accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact the newspaper's advertising department directly, many of which also provide digital media kits with pricing. Ensure you negotiate to get the best price possible. On Ocast, you can browse through hundreds of newspapers and compare prices directly on their profiles.

What are the different formats in newspaper advertising?

When looking to advertise in a newspaper, there are various formats and sizes to choose from, and these can differ between newspapers and publications. Here are some examples of common ad formats:

Full Page: Occupies an entire page in the newspaper, offering ample space for your message.

Half Page: Takes up half of the page, either horizontally or vertically.

Quarter Page: Takes up a quarter of the page.

Smaller Ad Modules: Might be an eighth of a page or less, typically being the most cost-effective solution.

Spread: A double full page that stretches across two pages, giving extra space for your message.

Special Placement Ads: These ads are positioned in strategic places in the newspaper, like the front page, back page, or near popular content.

Inserts: A separate supplement or brochure that comes with the newspaper.

The format most suitable for you depends on your budget, target audience, and message. Each format has its unique advantages and can reach readers in different ways.

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