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Best Newspaper Advertising Providers in England


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Leicester Mercury

News · LeicestershireLive is the online edition of the Leicester Mercury, which was founded in 1874 and is one of the UK's most successful local ne...
Active in Leicester
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Burton Mail

News · The Burton Mail is a British daily newspaper published each weekday and on Saturdays. It covers the East Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and...
Active in Swadlincote
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Nottingham Post

News · Founded in 1878, Nottingham Post is one of the UK's most successful local newspapers. Over the years it has won countless awards for its edi...
Active in Nottingham
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Gloucestershire Echo

News · The Gloucestershire Echo is a local weekly newspaper based in Gloucester, England. Published every Thursday, it covers the areas of Bishops ...
Active in Gloucester
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Lincolnshire Echo

News · The Lincolnshire Echo is a weekly British regional newspaper for Lincolnshire, whose first edition was on Tuesday 31 January 1893, and is pu...
Active in Lincolnshire
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Hertfordshire Mercury

News · HertsLive is the leading news, sport, entertainment and information website for Hertfordshire, bringing you everything you need to know abou...
Active in Hertford
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The Sentinel newspaper

News · The Sentinel is a daily regional newspaper circulating in the North Staffordshire and South Cheshire areas of England. It is owned by Reach ...
Active in Stoke-on-Trent
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Retford Times

News · The Retford Times is a weekly local newspaper founded in 1869. It is distributed in and around the area of the North Nottinghamshire market ...
Active in Retford
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The Independent

News · The Independent is a British online newspaper. It was established in 1986 as a national morning printed paper. Nicknamed the Indy, it began ...
Active in London
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Macclesfield Express

News · CheshireLive is county-wide news, traffic and travel, what’s on and weather online service. It is also the digital news channel of the Chest...
Active in London
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The Kent and Sussex Courier

News · The Kent and Sussex Courier is an English regional newspaper, published in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The paper was the result of an amalg...
Active in London
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Crewe Chronicle

News · CheshireLive is county-wide news, traffic, and travel, what’s on and weather online service. It is also the digital news channel of the Ches...
Active in London
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The Surrey Advertiser

News · The website has grown out of a newsroom that has served the county for more than 150 years.The Surrey Advertiser newspaper l...
Active in Guildford
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The Essex Chronicle

News · The EssexLive website has grown out of a newsroom that has served the county for more than 250 years.The Essex Chronicle newspaper was launc...
Active in Chelmsford
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Bath Chronicle

News · The Bath Chronicle is a weekly newspaper, first published under various titles before 1760 in Bath, England. Prior to September 2007, it was...
Active in Bath
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Advertising · With almost 50 years of experience in making top-quality puzzles, Puzzler Media is the go-to name in puzzles for consumers and clients. Cons...
Active in Reigate
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The Scunthorpe Telegraph

News · The Scunthorpe Telegraph is a 24/7 website and weekly newspaper covering news, sport and entertainment across North Lincolnshire.Our journal...
Active in Scunthorpe
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Manchester Evening News

News · is the online edition of the Manchester Evening News.For more than 150 years we have told the stories of the peo...
Active in Manchester
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News · HampshireLive was launched in June 2020 to tell the stories that matter most to the people of Hampshire. Our team of reporters generate live...
Active in Hampshire
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Accrington Observer

News · The Accrington Observer is a hyper-local paid weekly newspaper. As an established, and trusted brand, the Accrington Observer represents the...
Active in Oldham
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What are the advantages of newspaper advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the more affordable advertising options out there while offering the potential to reach a broad audience with high coverage. With a newspaper ad, you can effortlessly target local demographics and reinforce your brand in a specific city or region.

Newspapers are known for their authenticity and are often considered more credible sources than other media channels, boosting trust for the advertiser.

Given that newspapers have a high publication frequency with many release dates, your advertising can be incredibly flexible. With ready material, your ad can be out in a newspaper as soon as next week.

How much does it cost to advertise in a newspaper?

The cost of advertising in a newspaper starts from around 300 USD and can go up to 20 000 USD, depending on several factors like the newspaper's reach, the size of the ad, and the paper's geographical area.

A small local newspaper might have significantly lower prices than what a larger national publication offers. We've analyzed rate cards from hundreds of newspapers to understand how they differ and what influences the pricing. When considering newspaper advertising, it's essential to account for the ad size, the newspaper's circulation and distribution, its popularity, the chosen ad placement within the paper, and its geographical location.

Furthermore, costs can be influenced by choosing color or black and white, opting for special offers or bundled prices, and seasonal variations.

To get an accurate pricing, it's recommended to contact the newspaper's advertising department directly, many of which also provide digital media kits with pricing. Ensure you negotiate to get the best price possible. On Ocast, you can browse through hundreds of newspapers and compare prices directly on their profiles.

What are the different formats in newspaper advertising?

When looking to advertise in a newspaper, there are various formats and sizes to choose from, and these can differ between newspapers and publications. Here are some examples of common ad formats:

Full Page: Occupies an entire page in the newspaper, offering ample space for your message.

Half Page: Takes up half of the page, either horizontally or vertically.

Quarter Page: Takes up a quarter of the page.

Smaller Ad Modules: Might be an eighth of a page or less, typically being the most cost-effective solution.

Spread: A double full page that stretches across two pages, giving extra space for your message.

Special Placement Ads: These ads are positioned in strategic places in the newspaper, like the front page, back page, or near popular content.

Inserts: A separate supplement or brochure that comes with the newspaper.

The format most suitable for you depends on your budget, target audience, and message. Each format has its unique advantages and can reach readers in different ways.

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