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La Cucina Italiana

Food & Drink · La Cucina Italiana, the most authoritative and well-known cooking magazine, has been presenting traditional recipes in its pages for 90 year...
Active in Italy
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What is the cost of advertising in newsletters?

The cost of advertising in newsletters varies depending on factors such as the newsletter's reach, audience, and the publisher's brand. The price tag for advertising in a newsletter issue for a medium-sized media starts around 500 USD and can extend over about 3000 USD per dispatch.

There's also an option to purchase newsletter dispatches in packages, which can be more cost-effective. The price can also be affected by the ad's format and size as well as its position in the newsletter.

We recommend contacting the publisher directly to get an idea of the cost of advertising in their newsletters. You can also request a quote via to gather quotes from multiple operators and thereby review which price and package suit best. You can also browse and compare among our operators here.

By comparing different options, you can find the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience by advertising in newsletters.

How do I find a list for newsletter dispatches?

You can start by searching on various websites belonging to companies or organizations within the desired industry. Many websites offering advertising also have newsletters as part of their ad strategy. You can often find their ad channels via their media kit. If the information isn't directly available on the website, you can always reach out to the website.

However, the quickest and most effective way to find a list for newsletter dispatches is to use platforms like, where you can find a compilation of different operators offering newsletters as an advertising channel. On Ocast, you can easily compare different newsletters based on their reach, audience, and cost. Request a quote via Ocast to get a better understanding of the costs and compare different options against each other.

What different formats are there in a newsletter?

The different formats available in newsletters can be tailored for each campaign. Among the different formats we find:

Banner ads: Often a banner is placed at the top or bottom of the newsletter. They are excellent for quickly capturing attention and leading clicks to your website.

Embedded ads: These ads can be text-based or contain images and offers that look like a natural part of the newsletter.

Sponsored posts: This format resembles embedded ads but is often longer and can include an entire article that is purchased. Sponsored posts are great for building knowledge about your brand to a specific audience.

Product placements: Here, specific products or services can be placed in a section of the newsletter, often with an image and a short description or an offer.

You can also choose to include exclusive offers or discount codes, any video ads, or smartly placed CTA (Call to Action) buttons in newsletters to convert, drive clicks, and encourage readers to act on your content.

Why should one choose newsletter advertising in their marketing?

Through marketing via newsletters, you have the opportunity to reach potential, or current customers directly via their email inbox. The strength of this strategy lies in the ability to reach extremely specific demographics or interest groups, where each newsletter acts as a bridge between the brand and a well-defined target audience.

Therefore, newsletters often also have higher engagement and click-through rates, which in turn leads to the easy predictability of the measurability and outcome of a campaign and therefore you can also calculate ROI (return on investment) even before starting a dispatch.

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