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What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a type of online advertising where the ad content naturally blends with the content of the platform on which it is displayed, enhancing the user experience of the ad.

Unlike traditional display ads, which can stand out and interrupt the user's experience, native ads are designed to look and feel like a natural part of the website or app they are displayed on.

This form of advertising offers benefits such as higher engagement rates and better click-through rates (CTR) because users find them less intrusive. Native ads can include sponsored posts on social media, recommended articles on news sites, or other content-rich formats that fit naturally into the user's flow.

Understanding and implementing native advertising can help brands create more meaningful and less intrusive advertising experiences for their target audience.

How much does native advertising cost?

A native ad can vary in price from USD 1,500 to USD 12,000, with the price often based on factors such as the website's category, target audience, and reach. The cost can significantly increase if you wish for the ad to be visible for a longer period, or if you want to include additional services such as article production and distribution of the article across various social media channels.

We have listed hundreds of different brands on Ocast offering native advertising and recommend exploring and comparing different options as well as negotiating the price to get a good deal.

Why choose native advertising?

Native advertising is effective due to the way we humans operate and interact with online content. People always crave relevant and valuable content and, as a result, filter out a lot of content that isn't as relevant, like banners via display advertising. We tend to develop something called "banner blindness," a phenomenon where visitors systematically ignore banner ads, which has led to a drastic decrease in the effectiveness of traditional banner advertising over the years.

Native advertising is often more informative and less intrusive, which helps to educate and engage visitors, creating a positive association with the brand. In the long term, when a purchasing need arises, visitors remember the valuable content they consumed through native ads, making them more likely to consider and choose the advertised products or services.

Why is it called native advertising?

Originally, these ads were referred to as "advertorials," but as digital media grew in popularity, the term "native" (or "natives" in plural) became the common term for such ads, whether they are digital or printed.

Are native ads "hidden" ads?

Not at all! According to marketing laws, it should be clearly stated that a native ad is advertising. Hiding an ad as an innocent article can be misleading for the reader, which can harm the advertiser's brand. The goal of native advertising is to offer valuable content while the reader is aware of its commercial nature.

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