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Go Wild Dublin

Active in Dublin
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Go Ancient East

Active in Ireland
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Go Wild Northern Ireland

Active in Ireland
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Go Wild Food Experience

Active in Ireland
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Go Wild on the Lakes

Active in Ireland
Offers Magazines

Go Wild Staycation

Active in Ireland
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Go Wild Tourism

Active in Ireland
Offers Magazines

What are the benefits of advertising in magazines?

Magazine advertising can be a great strategy for directly reaching your target audience, especially if your business wants to engage with customers interested and involved in niche categories.

Magazines often reach the reader in a calm and relaxing moment without competition from other media, giving you as an advertiser a unique chance to be seen and remembered.

Additionally, readers find that magazines offer high credibility and also stay in homes and public places for a longer time, which means your ad has a better chance of being seen repeatedly.

What is the difference between advertising in magazines and newspapers?

Advertising in magazines and newspapers offers unique values in different ways, where the difference lies in the details. Magazines, with their high-quality printing and fewer publication dates, give advertisers the opportunity to plan and tailor their ads well in advance so that the content blends together with the magazine's theme and content.

This, together with the longer exposure time, can give magazine ads a greater impact. On the other hand, newspapers offer a more cost-effective solution, despite their faster publication frequency and consequently shorter lifespan for ads.

The broad and varied content in newspapers can, however, make it more difficult to adapt and integrate ads in the same natural way as in magazines. Therefore, the choice between advertising in magazines or newspapers depends on the specific needs, budget, and target audience of the company.

How well can I reach my specific target audience by advertising in magazines?

Magazines are often focused on specific niches or interests, making it easier to reach a well-defined target audience. By choosing a magazine that directly corresponds with your product or service's target audience, you can ensure that your ad is seen by people who are most interested in what you have to offer. You can also place your ad in a relevant context in the magazine, which enhances the message and increases the likelihood of a positive response from the reader.

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