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Best DOOH Advertising Companies in Tucson, AZ


9 brands found

Arizona Daily Star

News · A daily newspaper in Tucson, Ariz. The Arizona Daily Star is the state's second-largest newspaper, covering all of Southeastern Arizona incl...
Active in Tucson, AZ
Offers DOOH

Tucson Weekly

News · The Tucson Weekly is an alternative newsweekly that was founded in 1984 by Douglas Biggers and Mark Goehring, and serves the Tucson, Arizona...
Active in Tucson, AZ
Offers DOOH

Arizona Daily Wildcat

News · The Daily Wildcat publishes about three times a semester in print (find recent back issues here) during fall and spring. Fall/spring circula...
Active in Tucson, AZ
Offers DOOH

Arizona Daily Sun

News · The Arizona Daily Sun is a six-day newspaper in Flagstaff, Arizona, United States. It publishes an entertainment supplement on Thursdays cal...
Active in Arizona
Offers DOOH
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Payson Roundup

News · The Payson Roundup is a leader in both print and digital media. Located in the heart of Arizona in Rim Country, The Payson Roundup newspaper...
Active in Arizona
Offers DOOH

White Mountain Independent

News · The White Mountain Independent covers news and events throughout Arizona's White Mountains serving both Apache and Navajo Counties.The White...
Active in Arizona
Offers DOOH

The State Press

News · The State Press is ASU's award-winning, student-run news organization that has covered Arizona State University and the Tempe, Phoenix and M...
Active in Arizona
Offers DOOH

Family Handyman

Home & Garden · Family Handyman's position as the No. 1 resource for existing and aspiring DIYers and homeowners is undisputed. With videos, articles, how-t...
Active in United States
Offers DOOH

Birds & Blooms

Pets & Animals · Birds & Blooms occupies a unique niche in the media landscape: it's a brand that unites the best of birding and gardening for passionate ent...
Active in United States
Offers DOOH

​​What is Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising?

DOOH advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that utilizes digital screens to display advertising messages. This includes digital billboards, screens in public transportation, airports, shopping malls, and other public places.

What is the difference between DOOH and OOH advertising?

As the name suggests, DOOH advertising is digital, and this brings certain strengths that OOH does not have. Compared to OOH advertising, this medium provides the opportunity to quickly and easily update messages, the ability to display dynamic and interactive content on the digital screen. This also means that it is easier to control different ad images at different times of the day, and target specific audiences in a more straightforward way.

What does DOOH advertising cost?

The cost of DOOH advertising varies depending on a range of factors, including the geographical location of the place, the size of the screen, the duration of the campaign, and the specific content of the ad.

How do you measure the effectiveness of a DOOH advertising campaign?

The effectiveness of a DOOH campaign can be measured by analyzing traffic flow, interactions with the ads, and sales data. There is also the possibility to use technologies such as facial recognition and mobile tracking to get a more detailed picture of the campaign's results.

Can I choose exactly where and when my DOOH ad will be displayed?

Yes, with DOOH advertising, you can choose exactly where and when your ad will be displayed. This allows advertisers to target their campaigns to specific audiences and maximize ROI.

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