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Welcome to our new concept SPARKS - here we take advantage of the strong relationship we have with our readers, by transforming them into profiles. With this concept, our advertisers not only reach readers of our brands but can also spread their messages in our readers' social networks - a more personal type of marketing. The strength lies in the ability to create commitment, which makes SPARKS a good complement to our more profiled profiles.

The strength of our influencers is not in the number of followers but in their ability to create commitment and build relationships with their followers.

At SPARKS, you can find influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers, all of whom have an invaluable ability to inspire and create engagement. With the personal contact, the recommendations have a greater effect and you get a more personal contact with your customers.


- Content with high credibility

- Commitment and drive to action

- A more personal contact with customers