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Dr. Tracy

Vlogger · Medicine · Sweden

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Member since 2022
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Tracy Ghattas has over 100,000 followers and shares interesting facts about general medicine. Why do you get sore after exercise? Can you die from panic attacks? How to get rid of nasal spray addiction? Questions that everyone can relate to, because everyone has a body and a health to deal with. With ease and self-distancing, she has in a short time become an important public educator for young adults.

As an ST doctor at a health center in Stockholm, Tracy meets patients daily with everything from easily treatable ailments to difficult-to-diagnose diseases. She appears regularly in the media where she likes to talk about the role of doctors in social media.

Doctor Tracy has collaborated with brands such as Vichy, CeraVe, La Roche Posay and Air-Up.

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Östra Hamngatan 16
41109 Göteborg

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