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Build a brand by letting us talk about it in a relevant context .

With a tailored article with a focus on storytelling, we have the opportunity to give the reader added value beyond the product and service in an editorial environment. At the same time, we place the customers brand and message in the right context.

With daily optimization we use relevant channels to drive traffic to the article until we reach our set goals. We can also cross-post the article on other sites relevant to the target group and in our Read more function, which is distributed throughout our network.



• Idea and concept

• Editor

• Image editing

• Project management

• Distribution

• Daily optimization

• Guaranteed unique page views

• Guaranteed impressions


You can also increase the visibility of Aller Medias network by distributing the sponsored articles in our internal "read more" Run Of Network widget. It is visible in all articles and provides increased reach.

In these areas, we can push your material even wider and to more readers. The push is live on the sites throughout the campaign period. It is also possible to push out on external sites, outside Aller Media.