Have you ever bought a product or service that someone recommended? Most people answer yes. People share good advice and recommendations with each other, and people tend to trust each other’s words. Personal recommendations create strong credibility, which can be difficult to achieve with traditional advertising.

This forms the basis of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing and Effect on Consumers

Influencer marketing is a strategy where brands collaborate with well-known creators who promote their product or service to their target audience. The strategy is based on WOM (Word-of-mouth) which is about choosing brands recommended by like-minded people.

Consumers trust people they admire, rather than traditional advertising from unknown brands. This is where brands have the opportunity to use influencers as part of the marketing strategy. Influencers have the ability to build strong relationships with their followers by publishing interesting and personal content. Their followers trust the influencer, which means that the influencer has a great influence on his followers.

By collaborating with trustworthy influencers, brands can reach out with their message in creative and effective ways to achieve marketing goals. It is important to choose relevant influencers whose followers are relevant to your product.

Micro vs Macro-influencers

In Influencer marketing, a distinction is often made between micro and macro influencers. We discuss the differences below.

Micro influencers have between 1000-25 0000 followers. They tend to get high engagement rate, which is a result of the followers’ interest and loyalty. Micro influencers often have a niche in their industry, which means that they are good at converting leads and increasing brand awareness. Usually they have fewer partners, which means that the sponsored products do not disappear in the feed with other commercial posts.

Macro influencers may not get as high engagement rate as micro influencers. On the other hand, they have at least 100 000 followers. This opens up the opportunity for exposing your brand to many people at the same time. If your marketing goal is to increase brand awareness, macro influencers might be a successful choice.

In summary, Macro influencers can spread your brand, meanwhile micro influencers guarantee high engagement rate and credibility.

Three Important Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  1. Boosts Audience Engagement

Influencers are often perceived as authentic and trustworthy, mostly because of their personal content. Their followers are devoted and engaged, and thereby more willing to trust the brand that the influencer mentions. People are then more likely to share the sponsored content in their social channel, which increases engagement even more.

2. More Storytelling Opportunities

Influencers are generally good at telling stories, which is a skill many have naturally developed and use it to great effect on digital platforms. People tend to listen to them, so if your brand wants to create a deeper relationship with your audience, partnering with an influencer could make that goal easier to reach.

For instance, influencers can show their audience how your product helps solve a problem. And because their audience most likely consists of like-minded people, they probably relate to the same problems and solutions.

3. High ROI (Return on Investment)

At last, you’ll get high ROI. This is because the influencer knows what kind of content works best for their audience. This eliminates the discussion of what type of content should be posted for the campaign. The influencer will do the creative work for you.

By building strong relationships with relevant influencers, your brand may achieve marketing goals in the most creative and effective ways. At Ocast, we have several influencers and media companies that offer sponsorships. Do not miss to explore them here!


By building strong relationships with the right influencers, your organization, company or brand can achieve marketing goals in creative and effective ways. At Ocast, we have several influencers and media companies that offer advertising collaborations to them. Do not miss to explore them!

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