Special conditions for Display Advertising on the occasion of the Corona virus and its impact on the advertising Notwithstanding any other provision in these Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations, valid until further notice following conditions for cancellations: if an advertiser wants to cancel a campaign later than three (3) days before the start of the campaign without being charged 25% of the total amount, the advertiser has the right to move the campaign up to 90 days from the scheduled start of the campaign. The campaign will then move forward, but agreed remuneration and payment terms apply. The advertiser receives instead the media for another 20 percent of the total investment amount (ie an increase of 20 percent additional impressions). These special conditions for cancellations apply until further notice or until BNS removes this publication.
These "Terms and Conditions" apply to BNS provision of service to the advertiser and annexed to the order confirmation.

1. Definitions
"Advertiser" refers BNS cart shown in order confirmation; "Agreement" means the common Order Confirmation, these Terms and Conditions and other attachments; "BNS" means news Bonnier AB, corp 559080-0917, with address 105 16 Stockholm; "Confidential Information" shall have the meaning given in clause 10.1; "Order Confirmation" means the order confirmation BNS has provided the Advertiser; "Party" means Advertiser and BNS separately and "Parties" means them together; "Technical material specifications" means technical specifications for materials like BNS from time to time provide; "Service" means the advertising campaign or shown in order confirmation; and "Trademarks" refers to Dagens Nyheter and / or Express and / or Dagens Industri and and / or any of the titles included in the Bonnier Business Media and / or Bonnier Magazines & Brands.

2. Creative
2.1 Advertising material will, in complete and perfect condition, according to the currently applicable Technical material specifications, be BNS or BNS assigns no later than the date shown on the order confirmation.
2.2 Confirm creatives, late or deficient ad might not be inserted. Such material will be charged according to the price list.

3. Cancellation
Cancellations of advertisements must be in writing and addressed to the sales manager and adops@bonniernews.se for digital campaigns.

Display: Cancellations must be BNS later than seven (7) business days before the ad will be introduced. Advertisement canceled after the deadline (7 days) will be charged full price.
Influencers: If Advertiser cancel an order for influencer campaign after order confirmation become binding, BNS is entitled to charge the full agreed price for the current campaign to cover the fees.
Native: Cancellations must be BNS later than fourteen (14) days before the ad will be introduced. Advertisement canceled after the deadline (14 days) will be charged full price. If the advertiser cancels a Native-order after order confirmation become binding Bonnier News entitled to charge for the already started production and fees.
Print newspapers: Cancellation / rebooking of print advertising in newspapers must take place before booking a stop. If canceled then we charge 50% of the advertisement.
Annexes / Inserts: Cancellation or requests for relocation shall take place no later than five weeks before the booked date of publication. If cancellation / removable announced later than that we charge 50% of the agreed amount.
Print magazine: If canceled after material of a confirmed ad in our magazine, we reserve the right to be fully charged. If canceled later than 21 days before the submission deadline will be charged 75% of the price. Inserting: If plastic is ordered more than 21 days before the submission deadline will need the advertiser pay for it. If Advertiser cancel an order after order confirmation become binding and this order includes production has Bonnier News entitled to charge for the already started production and fees.

4. The advertiser's responsibility
4.1 It is the responsibility of the advertiser to deliver advertising materials at the right time and in print-ready condition. Your creative must meet the technical material specifications.
4.2 The Advertiser shall in due time follow any instructions related ads for BNS and also be BNS assist in issues and managing ads.
4.3 The advertiser is responsible for the content of the ad and the ad, including any linked information, does not infringe the rights of others, such as copyright, trademark or other intellectual property. The advertiser is responsible for ensuring that the ad complies with, and not contrary to, the currently applicable laws, statutes and administrative decisions, regulation or guidelines, this is especially true marketing legislation and industry agreements, practices, guidelines, and good practices and standards regarding marketing.
4.4 Advertisements shall contain information that makes it easy for the reader to identify the advertiser and the ad is advertising.

5. The right to refuse advertising
5.1 BNS is entitled to refuse to publish the advertisement that does not meet the technical material specifications or other requirements agreed between the parties.
5.2 BNS has the right to refuse to publish the advertisement about BNS has reason to believe that the advertisement is contrary to law, regulation or administrative decisions, are likely to offend, hurt BNS or any of the brand image, as well as on similar grounds.
5.3 The advertiser also recalled that the publisher under the Press Act and the Fundamental right to refuse insertion of adverts.
5.4 If the adverts can not be introduced, and this is due to the advertiser or circumstances on his part responsible advertiser against the BNS with the amount corresponding to the agreed price for the ad. BNS is not liable to the advertiser because of the refusal of advertising under this paragraph 5.

6. Responsibility and ansvarsbegräsning
6.1 BNS will provide the Service with reasonable skill and care to be expected of a service within BNS industry. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the Agreement provided service with no guarantees.
6.2 If an advertisement content is incorrect in the technical specifications that the advertiser has provided, or if it is imposed on the wrong day or any other place than the ordered day or place, and such failure is due to BNS negligence, the advertiser the right to a price reduction of up to the amount corresponding the ad costs the advertiser has to pay to the BNS for the false advertisement. Advertiser understands and accepts that this is the Advertiser's sole remedy for errors in advertisements.
6.3 BNS not responsible for errors in advertising materials provided by the advertiser, or errors occurring during the transmission of advertising material from the advertiser to BNS, if the fault is not due to BNS. Furthermore responsible BN nor for the failure or error in the ad about the reason for this is a problem of information over drivers outside the BNS control.
6.4 At other breach than failure according to section 6.2, BNS responsibility is always limited to direct damage and indirect costs. Compensation for lost profits or other indirect damage or loss is not paid, except for the BNS acted with gross negligence or intent. BNS's liability is in any case limited to no more than the actual cost of the advertisement that the advertiser has paid to BNS under the Agreement.
6.5 The Advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless the BNS for all damages and expenses caused by the BNS Advertiser marketing under the Agreement.

7. Complaints
If the advertiser wants to demand a price reduction due to the failure of an ad in paragraph 6.2 above, the Advertiser complaint alleged errors in the last three (3) days after the ad was introduced or to be introduced. The complaint must be in writing and addressed to the sales manager and adops@bonniernews.se. Do not advertiser complained in due time lose Advertiser its right to assert error in the ad.

8. Prices and Payment
8.1 The advertiser must make payment according to the applicable price list, unless otherwise agreed. VAT and any other taxes will be added.
8.2 Billing will be made of each brand which publishing advertisements occurred. Payment terms are fourteen (14) days net from the invoice date. In case of delay in payment, penalty interest rate.
8.3 Unless otherwise agreed, the BNS or the respective trademark law to require prepayment.
8.4 Any complaint against an invoice shall be made as soon as possible and no later than fourteen (14) days from the invoice date. Do not advertiser complained in due time lose Advertiser its right to dispute the invoice.

9. Early Termination
BNS has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement Advertiser breaks, or for objective reasons, can be assumed to violate laws or regulations, industry practices or good manners and morals, and thereby causes the BNS or the respective brand damage and bad reputation.

10. Privacy
10.1 The Parties undertake to respect the confidentiality of the content and the existence of this Agreement, and information, both written and verbal and otherwise, regarding the other party's internal business affairs, financial information, pricing, business plans, data and such other information as each party expressly stated is confidential ( "confidential Information").

10.2 Confidentiality The obligation under this Agreement does not apply to information that:
(a) is publicly known or become generally known other than through breach,;
(b) party can prove that it already knew before he received the information from the other party; or
(c) Part receives from a third party without being bound by secrecy against him.
10.3 In the event any of the parties due to the law enforcement authority decision or similar mandatory obligation forced to disclose Confidential Information to third parties, the other party promptly informed of this and the information will be revealed (if such action is not prohibited). A party who is required to disclose Confidential Information shall limit disclosure to only include the Confidential Information as necessary to comply with the order.

11. Ownership of the original ad
11.1 Title to ad materials produced by BNS and paid by the advertiser as the specified account to the advertiser for each campaign / ad implementation. Ownership of other advertising materials produced by BNS will BNS. Title to quote materials - eg sketches and drawings - will BNS unless otherwise agreed.
11.2 In addition, nothing in this Agreement will be construed as the party transferring intellectual property to the other party.

12. Force majeure
BNS is not responsible for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement or damages arising out of its compliance obligations prevented as a result of new legislation, new government regulations, war or threat of war, rebellion, terrorism, sabotage, natural disasters, lack of electricity supply or lack of public communications, fire, or equivalent or of industrial action, such as strikes, blockade, boycott and lock-out.

13. Complete agreement
The agreement and its annexes are parties complete control of all matters relating to this Agreement. All written or oral commitments and pledges prior to the Agreement shall be replaced by the contents of this Agreement and its annexes.

14. Assignment
The agreement may not be transferred without the other party's consent. BNS may always transfer the right to receive payment under this Agreement.

15. Dispute

15.1 Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement.
15.2 Disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by the courts, with the Stockholm District Court