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Data advertising

Data advertising

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When we enrich a banner campaign with data, we create enriched precision in terms of targeting a specific audience.
Data ensures your banner the right context and it affects users with the righ preferences. Context is important because studies show that if a banner is in a context where there is a cohesion between the message and the editorial environment the article creates, the users will respond better to the banner's message.
The method we use to create context is that we put your banner on a selected section on politiken.dk. Therefore, we can enrich your campaign with an editorial context and excecute the camping on those sections that represent an editorial match in relation to your message.
In addition to context, we can add a data filter to build a target group with specific preferences. We use retargeting to create contact with the users. This means that we create contact with those users who has read articles with a specific content on Politikens website. When these users move on to the next website, your banner will follow them.
It is possible to chose the keywords, we select articles from. In addition to context and preferences, we can do retargeting from your website, retargeting from users who have opened a newsletter from you (remarketing) or retargeting from users who work in a specific industry (IP targeting).
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