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General guidelines

Material must be delivered at least 3 working days before the start of the campaign. In the case of special materials, the deadline is 5 working days. Send the material and any questions to digitaltraffic@bt.bonnier.se. If material is delivered late, the planned start date cannot be guaranteed. The following information must be included: advertiser and campaign name, start and end date, URL(s) for landing page(s) and contact details.

Browser support
The ads must be able to work in all current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The functionality is to be tested and ensured by the ad producer.

For HTML5 material, all components of the material are included in the material size, including the JavaScript library. The material size relates to the compressed zip file. Minimise the number of assets that make up the HTML5 ad, since every download affects the loading time.
In order that we can measure clicks on HTML5 material, the material must be adapted in line with the instructions below from our ad server supplier.

File requests
HTML5 material should have max 15 file requests.

Sound must only be activated on the active request of the visitor via a volume control button. The default is sound off.

Time to visual ad
Max time to visual start is 0.8 sec.

Max 30 sec of animation and max 2 loops within this time if the ad is provided as animated GIF or HTML5. Obs! Animated GIF will not work on Android 2.1

File size
The max weight relates to the initially downloaded total file size.
An extra download (for example for in-banner video ads) is permitted if initiated by the visitor via a play button (click-to-play) or via polite load. Polite load demands an initial ad showing until the polite load is done.

Download a HTML5 specification here.