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Display Advertising

  • Leaderboard / Panorama
    Leaderboard / Panorama
    728x90 px, 980x120 px, 930x90 px
    100 kb - HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, JavaScript, Third-party script
  • Medium rectangle
    Medium rectangle
    300x250 px
    100 kb - HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, Third-party script, JavaScript
  • Mobile banner
    Mobile banner
    320x160 px, 320x100 px, 320x80 px, 320x50 px, 320x320 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JPG, Third-party script, PNG
  • Half page
    Half page
    300x600 px
    100 kb - GIF, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JPG, PNG, Third-party script

Deal Types

Direct deals
First look
Programmatic Guaranteed
Preferred deals
Private Auction
Open Auction


• PriceRunner reserves the right to take down the advertising material that is causing technical problems for our visitors and refuse advertising material which does not meet the guidelines and specifications listed below.

• Advertising material must be delivered within two working days before the start of the campaign.

• Links should always open in a new window.

• Audio and video may not start automatically. It must be activated by the user (click or mouse-over) and a stop button must be provided.

• Specifications for maximum weight, frame rate and other restrictions must be followed. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by Traffic.

• For requests that don’t meet the guidelines and specifications listed below, please contact traffic.dk@pricerunner.com or your Account Manager.

Banner Types

Third party
HTML and JavaScript snippets from third-party ad servers.

Recognized third-party creative vendors

HTML5 zip file (standalone file - extracted file max size 1000 kb). (requirements: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/7046799?hl=en&ref_topic=7041998)

Image banners
Standard images or URLs of creatives hosted on third-party ad servers (remote images)
File types: gif, jpg and png. (max size 50kb)

Placement and Targeting

1. ROS (Run-Of-Site). Campaign runs across the whole site.
2. Hierarchy. Campaign runs in selected hierarchies (i.e. Computing) or a sub hierarchy (i.e. Computers) and all categories included in that hierarchy.
3. Category. Campaign runs in one or many selected categories (i.e. Laptops).

Leaderboard/Panorama is shown inlist.

Medium rectangle and Half page is shown on 2 positions on the right-hand side. Mobile placements is inlist.

Page type
Campaign runs only on selected page type (i.e. price listing page).

Additional targeting
1. Frequency. Limit the number of impressions for each IP, for example per day.
2. Geography / regions
3. Date, time, day of week.
4. IP number/range.
5. Devices (browser, browser language, device capability, device category, manufacture/device and operating system)
6. Connection (bandwidth, carrier and domain)