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General Guidelines

The advertiser takes full responsibility for all ad creatives. The contents can be rejected by either Everysport or the site owners. If this is the case, the creative can either be denied or removed. Everysport is partnered with Advalidation.com in order to ensure that all creatives follow our guidelines.
· External resources may not be loaded in an ad without being previously approved by Everysport
· Sounds in an ad may not be triggered automatically, but instead start by the user actively clicking on the ad
· Ads with pornographic or violent content are forbidden.

Third-Party Hosting

We accept ads hosted through ad scripts on third-party servers, preferably including a click macro in order to track ad clicks. Our ad server Adform PPAS works, and is compatible, with the majority of all market-leading ad servers. To ensure correct tracking of banners, be sure to use SSL-compliant tags (https).

Hosting Through ESMG

We are able to receive and host ads in gif, jpg, png and HTML5 combined with a click URL (as well as a tracking pixel to keep tabs on ad impressions). The maximum weight for a creative is 150 kb.


HTML5 banners are to be delivered in a zip file. The maximum combined weight of all components must not exceed 150 kb and the total number of requests may not be more than 15. Read more about HTML5 hosting in Adform PPAS here, where you also can build your own ad in HTML5 Studio

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