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What is Ocast?

Ocast is a media kit platform that organizes all your media information in one interactive profile. Not to mention, Ocast makes sharing and managing your information incredibly easy. Check it out!


The solution for media publishers and advertisers

In an ever-changing media world, static media information is rarely updated.
Now your media information can be easily found, constantly updated and less time consuming for sales.

Without Ocast

Without Ocast

Static and disconnected content that eats resources

With Ocast

With Ocast

A single dynamic and fully integrated solution

Trusted by over 600 companies

Your professional media kit

Future partners want to recognize the value of working with your social channels. They want and need to see your media kit. Ocast does that job for you!

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A professional media kit

Put a great-looking media kit together in 30 seconds

Attract new partners

Partners needs to know about your stats and target audience

All stats in one place

Gather all information in one place with just a few clicks

Products and case studies

Let future partners know what you are offering

Main features

Future partners will get a great overview of your power in social media. Everything they need to know is gathered in one place

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Straightforward overview of your media profile
  • Straightforward overview of your media profile
  • Automated daily insight into your social media stats
  • Showcase your social media partnership options
  • Display your target audience
  • Contact information

Accelerate your sales

Stand out from the rest

The #1 thing that will make you stand out to future partners and convince them that your social channels are the right investment can be written with two words: media kit

Build your media kit in seconds

We'll be straight with you: you usually have to invest quite a lot of time in order to put together a great-looking media kit, but with Ocast you can create it in just 30 seconds

Give your business an edge

Whether you're new to sponsorships or a seasoned veteran, having a polished media kit will give your business an edge over other influencers with a similar audience. This helps future partners recognize the value of collaborating with you

Get listed together with others

Ocast is far more than just a media kit! Compare yourself to other influencers and make sure future partners find their way to your media kit. Get yourself listed together with other influencers

1,000+ influencers have already signed up

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