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The world’s first media kit platform

We want to change the way media information is shared between media publishers and buyers. Ocast is a game changer when it comes to presenting your brand and building your media kit.

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Everything gathered in one place

All you need in a media kit is now avalible in one solution

Speed up your sales

The demand from clients requires speed and 24/7 availability

Statistics and products

Real-time statistics and easy management of your products

Create material

Create presentation material to share with your clients

All you need for the perfect media kit

Be available to your clients around-the-clock. Ocast helps you bring your media kit to life and have it all gathered in one place

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All advertising solutions in one place
  • All advertising solutions in one place
  • Fully automated statistics
  • Create custom products
  • Create and customize your local ad portal
  • Organize your team and contacts

Accelerate your team

Become dynamic

Create, update, delete or edit your media information in seconds. No more waiting for the newest prices or products. Have your media kit information updated at all times.

Streamlined information

With Ocast your media information will be streamlined across the entire organization. Everyone will have access and be using the latest information.

Speed up the sales process

Speed with quality is a winning strategy. Your sales department can put together a beautiful presentation with the latest information in seconds. Never miss another deadline.

Be available 24/7

Future new clients will be given access to your real-time media kit. Never miss another client because of static and outdated information.

Our clients are our partners

We want to be your right hand when it comes to your media information

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