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Smart Media is a top player in content marketing and native advertising. We attract attention through storytelling. Smart Media was started by marketing experts and is a content agency who believes that the key to strengthening a brand lies in inspiring the customer. We help your business to find their voice and stand out from the crowd with high quality content tailored to your target audience. Our team consists of content strategists and experienced writers who, together with you, create engaging content for the right audience.

The right influencers for you
Thanks to our collaboration with influencers, we easily and directly reach their unique and loyal followers. In this way, our campaigns are linked to industry-leading experts and celebrities who are otherwise difficult to associate with. An influencer is an individual, organization or association with the power to influence other people's decisions due to their knowledge, authority, position or relationship within a particular industry or subject.

Unique solutions
We create unique content solutions that help companies become market leaders in their area. Our campaigns are published both digitally and in relevant newspapers like Tages-Anzeiger, Tribune de Genève & 24heures and BILANZ. Through creative media solutions we help you to achieve your goals and increase positive awareness of your brand. Through high quality content, we create value for your relevant target groups and ensure that your customers, our readers, take action.