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HTML 5 Specifications

Maximum file size

  • Initial load: 50 kb
  • Polite load: 100 kb

Maximum file size for campaigns running on &

  • Initial load 50 kb
  • Polite load 50 kb
The total weight should not exceed 100 kb to run on these sites. No Semasio scripts are allowed.

1. Files

  • Avoid loading media files from subfolders.
  • Avoid loading media files under multiple documents, resolving local file paths is limited to index.
  • External JavaScript documents may be loaded using a JavaScript function and/or copy/pasted within the index document. We recommend using our Script Loader solution.
  • All local (uploaded) files must be included using our _ADPATH_ variable within the index document.
<img src=”_ADPATH_image.png”>Important: ad server variable  _ADPATH_ (as well as all others) can only be used within the index document.

2. Click Counter

<a href=”_ADCLICK_”>Important: ad server variable _ADCLICK_ (as well as all others) can only be used within the index document.

3. Client Side

Recommendations for advert designers and developers:
  • Avoid including any <html>, <head>, <meta>, and/or <body> elements, creative code will be embedded within an existing website structure.
  • Avoid applying any styles on common website elements, ID’s and/or class names to prevent conflicts with existing website structure. We highly recommend using unique ID’s and class names!
Remember, this code will be embedded within an existing website structure!

Panorama Sticky HTML5

Panorama Sticky is a simple but effective ad format that offers a combination of impact and high visibility. To produce the format Adform needs to receive 1 standard HTML5 in dimensions 980×240and 1 floating HTML5 in dimensions 980×120. Important to note is that both parts are HTML5 assets and that the floating part is required to have a close button. Below you will find information on how to build these parts and how to adapt your assets to the Adform system.



Standard Dimensions

Standard dimensions

  • Desktop Helsida – 1280×635 px
  • Panorama XXL – 1250×360 & 980×400 px
  • Panorama – 980×240 px
  • Outsider / TWS – 250×600 px
  • MPU – 480×280 px
  • Mobil Helsida – 320×480 px
  • Mobil Sticky – 320×320 px + 320×50 px
  • Mobil Standard – 320×320 px
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