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Material specification

Headline Max 45 keystrokes (including space). Keep the message brief and relevant. The headline will be displayed on the image. If the image is too bright it might be difficult to read.
Text Max 250 keystrokes (including space).
Link The link to a website of your choice. Deliver it as a separately click link, not as a script. We recommend you to deep link as far as possible.
Image format Accepted formats are GIF, JPG and PNG. Not accepted: flash, java, eps, swf, pdf, gif-animation. Minimum size: 300x200px, preferably larger with the same proportions. Maximum weight: 4MB The image must be a photo. Graphic illustrations, logos, text in the image, gif animations and CMYK colors are not allowed.
Targeting The Ads will be completed with geographical connections, keywords and categories. You can let us choose relevant connections or let us know which ones you prefer.
Budget You can set a daily and/ or monthly budget for your Ads.


You get login details for your account from us. In your account you can create and edit your Ads yourself. You can update your Ads as often as you wish, you decide for themselves how many Ads you want active and which periods. You can decide and set your monthly and daily maximum budget.

Terms and Conditions

Media partners

We work with newspapers, airports and other sites that use our search engine, articles and deals to offer its visitors neutral and updated product information in travel. With Reseguiden Ads you can reach a broad and unique network. Many of these sites can not be accessed individually.

A selection of sites:
Hallpressen, 6 sites (ex. JP.SE,
Mittmedia, 11 sites (,
I Love ... (8 sites)
Norra Västerbotten
Nya Lidköpings Tidningen
Nya Wermlands-Tidningen
Skaraborgs Allehanda
Värmlands Folkblad