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EDR / Stand Alone

Material specification

- One ore more images in JPG or GIF with the max width of 600pxl. Max weight is 200kb/ image and preferably no more than 4 images per sending.

- Strive for a sound balance between text and image, for optimal results the ratio should be around 60/80 to 40/20. Try to include around 400 charachters in the text.

- Who the sender is needs to be very clear, we do not want to create confusion! A logotype has to be included in or on top of the first image.

- Link/ links to each image. Please send the images separatly and not as a script.

- A simple draft/disposition of the layout.

- Headline. Please keep the headline short and relevant, avoid too many emojis and words like: sale, cheap, discount and similar.


We need:
The material delivered as one or more separate images with text and links, subject line and if necessary a draft of the wanted layout.

Please send all materials to both the Key Account Manager and to The material must be received no later than seven (7) working days before the mailing date. On delivery please remember to state the following information: Advertiser to whom the material belongs to Mailing date Contact person and his/ her contact details

Terms and Conditions

- Logotype and company name must be included and clearly stated in the ad.
- Reseguiden do not allow misleading, competing or offensive communication, neither invitation to subscribe for newsletters, or similar.
- Reseguiden reserves the right to approve the material before mailing.

Cancellations / changes In case of cancellation or changes the amendment must be in writing and mailed to current Key account manager and In case of cancellation / modification later than 10 days before the sending date we reserve the right to charge the full price.

Late material In case of late delivery (according with the above), we reserve the right to charge the full price.