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• PriceRunner reserves the right to take down the advertising material that is causing technical problems for our visitors and refuse advertising material which does not meet the guidelines and specifications listed below. • Advertising material must be delivered within two working days before the start of the campaign. • Links should always open in a new window. • Audio and video may not start automatically. It must be activated by the user (click or mouse-over) and a stop button must be provided. • Specifications for maximum weight, frame rate and other restrictions must be followed. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by Traffic. • For requests that don’t meet the guidelines and specifications listed below, please contact or your Account Manager.

Banner Types

HTML/Script/redirect PriceRunner supports most ad servers on the market and has support for timestamp/cache busting and click tracking. Image banners File types: gif and jpg. Simple animations are allowed.

Placement and Targeting

1. ROS (Run-Of-Site). Campaign runs across the whole site. 2. Hierarchy. Campaign runs in selected hierarchies (i.e. Computing) or a sub hierarchy (i.e. Computers) and all categories included in that hierarchy. 3. Category. Campaign runs in one or many selected categories (i.e. Laptops). The placements above can also be combined with: 1. Position. Some pages have the same banner format shown on more than one place. Leaderboard is shown at the top of the page and inlist on some pages. Skyscraper in two positions on the right-hand side and MPU in two different positions on the right-hand side. 2. Page type. Campaign runs only on selected page type (i.e. price listing page). Additional targeting: 1. Frequency. Limit the number of impressions for each IP, for example per day. 2. Geography. Campaign targeted to selected regions (län). 3. Date, time, day of week. 4. IP number/range.