Creative Solutions

You might want to do something out of the ordinary to become even more visible. In that case we have lots of creative solutions. Contact your sales representative to find out more.

Production of Advertisements

We can assist with production of simple advertisements. Advertising material that we receive for production can be sent in the following file formats: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG. All picture material should be 300 dpi for the best possible quality. Price: 245 SEK per every started period of 15 minutes. The final cost for production of advertisements will be specified on your Advertising invoice.

Delivery of Advertisement Material

Name the material: format/customer/product/Magazine/year/issue, e.g. 11_customer_product_ÅKS1603
Email address: Physical address: Egmont Publishing Annonshantering 169 91 Solna

Rules for Cancellation

For cancellation later than 14 days before the copy date given in the price list, a booking fee of 50% of the value of the space booked will be charged. If cancellation takes place later than one week before the copy date, we reserve the right to invoice the agreed advertising rate.

Material Guide

Material ready for printing All prepared advertising material that is sent in to the magazine must be ready and checked for printing. To be supplied in PDF format. We do not accept open documents. 5 mm bleed Advertising material should be submitted as a PDF ready for printing with a 5 mm bleed. 300 dpi All pictures in the advertisement must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. CMYK All pictures must be defined in CMYK. Spot colours (PANTONE) are to be converted to CMYK. ICC-profiles for print can be downloaded at Please note Important information should not be placed over the spine as the magazine is glue bound. If this has to be the case, the text should be spaced out a few extra mm over the spine.


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