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Wallpaper desktop (up until 2018-12-31)

Wallpaper desktop (up until 2018-12-31)

SEK1,250 CPM 

980x1180 px, max file size 200 kb.
Visual surface for desktop that is scrolled over on the screen: 980 px width and 650 px height.

Other information
The ad surface covers the whole surface of the browser with a fixed position.

Wallpaper (980x1180 px):
The Information in the wallpaper ad should be positioned within 960x1030 px concentered to insure that all information are shown on smaller screens. Keep the message 50 px from the top and 150 px from the bottom.
Referens fil, <IMG>:

Demo annons:
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Article page:

Blog page:
General information
  • Max. weight
    200 kb
  • File formats
    JPG, PNG
  • General guidelines
  • General HTML5 requirements