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Panorama 2 Rollercoaster desktop

Panorama 2 Rollercoaster desktop

SEK1,250 CPM 

Rollercoaster/Parallax is a Rich Media format consisting of two images that intersect the screen in the middle. If the user continues to scroll down on the page the ad placement will disappear upwards. The two images move independently and create a sensation of depth.
- 1 background image 980x1000 px (Safe Area 980x600 px), file type JPG or PNG, max 150kB.*
- 1 foreground image 980x600 px with transparent background, file type PNG, max 150 kB.
- Click links and measurements tags.
Max weight is 150kB for each creative. In total 300 kB.
General information
  • Max. weight
    300 kb
  • File formats
    JPG, PNG
  • Allmänna riktlinjer - Digitalt
  • Klickmätning GAM - HTML5
  • Allmäna Villkor
  • Spelannonser
  • Alkoholannonser
  • Läkemedelsannonser
  • HTML5-material
  • Viewability measuring
  • Responsivt HTML5-material
  • Klickmätning GAM - Third Party JavaScript and iFrame tags
  • Videoannonser